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I am a Gold-Standard freelance journalist, currently working as a freelance digital producer at News UK.

I completed my fast-track NCTJ with News Associates, and graduated from Durham University with a BA degree in Liberal Arts (English Literature and Philosophy).

Previously, I worked as Senior Political and Media Consultant for the Bridgehead Group, and was also Co-Editor for Comment Central.

While training with News Associates, I worked as a reporter for The Londoners, and as a news-reader, presenter, producer and reporter at Riverside Radio. After my NCTJ, I was a freelance reporter for the Daily Express and had a week working with Sky News.

I previously worked as Assistant Editor of Ski Luxe Magazine of Beau Monde Media, and as the UK and Middle Eastern Correspondent for the Human Perspective.

Aside from journalism, from March to June 2023, I taught English in Bari, Italy with Lord Byron College, as a Cambridge CELTA qualified teacher. I also produced commissioned artwork during the first lockdown to raise money for charity. 

My Latest Work

The potential reason your Long Covid symptoms aren’t shifting

Research shows that Long Covid sufferers could find relief from symptoms by adopting the mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS) treatment plan.

It is estimated that 17% of the population have MCAS and there is significant similarity between the two conditions.

This would mean that for some battling Long Covid, they could be dealing with a flare up of undiagnosed MCAS symptoms, which can be controlled with an established treatment plan.

Leading research on the connection between the two, Dr Tina

Award-winning tattoo artist launches geometric exhibition about introspection

An award-winning tattoo artist is launching an exhibition that utilises geometric structures to bring order to the chaos of life and the mind in an Aldgate East gallery.

Quantus Gallery will adorn its walls in artist Mike Philp’s multimedia, achromatic work in his new exhibition ‘Introspective’ on 14 December.

Mike, who is also an award-winning tattoo artist, combines perfect straight lines and patterns he knows we “as humans just love”, explaining how the “orderly chaos” of this work is a pro

Art exhibition kicks off festive season by showing power of colour red

As it begins to look a lot like Christmas, a Tottenham Court Road gallery is launching the new exhibition RED that investigates and celebrates the symbolism behind the festive colour.

Sara Pope, the first female in over 700 years to have her work displayed in the Vatican, will kick-start the countdown to Christmas in Grove Gallery on 6 December with her provocative and powerful collection of art.

As the colour with the longest wavelength, red is one of the most eye-catching of hues.

Sara said

Covent Garden gallery launches exhibition challenging stereotypes

Clarendon Fine Art is set to launch a new exhibition in Covent Garden that celebrates positivity at a time of immense loss, as much of the world today suffers in the throes of conflict and war.

“The Prodigy”, Maxim’s new solo exhibition at Clarendon’s flagship Covent Garden gallery comes ahead of his first major European tour, “Army of Ants”.

It presents a collection of evocative compositions that challenge stereotypes by presenting them as an antithesis.

Maxim said: “There’s always a positiv

Aldgate East gallery launches exhibition transforming trauma into beauty

A contemporary artist launched an exhibition at an Aldgate East gallery yesterday, transforming childhood trauma into harmonised displays of colour.

Robi Walters is debuting his ‘A Nation of Millions’ collection of art in Quantus Gallery and hopes to inspire the crowds to find positivity in the most negative of circumstances, shortly after World Mental Health Day last week.

Using art to process immense trauma, Robi’s story is an extremely moving example of how helpful self-expression can be in

Artist gives tribute to her mother in new Aldgate East art exhibition

An art gallery in Aldgate East launched a new exhibition yesterday celebrating the strength and resilience of the female form.

Quantus Gallery, situated on Fashion Street, popped the prosecco in triumph over its latest complication of artistic talent, Zara Muse.

Zara Muse creator Alex Johnson transforms classical portraiture into vibrant contemporary art, using a palette knife to sharpen the definition of her subjects to emphasise the radiance of female resilience.

Her inspiration stems from

Japanese restaurant chain officially launches in Clapham

Clapham’s newest gastronomic kid on the block celebrated its launch on the high street with cocktails and tasters on Wednesday last week.

An evening of DJ-led music, freshly shaken cocktails, unique samples of Japanese wine and samples from what the menu has to offer, the ramen-famous restaurant Tonkotsu boasted a display of its culinary talent.

Following the launch, restaurant booking reservations opened to the public, so you can now try out this Japanese gem tucked away in Clapham for yourse

Uxbridge care home celebrates Caribbean culture ahead of Notting Hill Carnival chaos

An all-inclusive Uxbridge care home hosted its own fiesta on Friday 25 August ahead of the notorious Notting Hill Carnival.

Ryefield Court, one of the homes associated with Berkley Care Group, hosted its own carnival-themed celebration of culture, community and the heritage of Caribbean people.

This came two days before Notting Hill Carnival, where sexual assault, machetes and an explosion of crime dampened the mood of the commemoration of 75 years since the first Windrush arrivals.

Madge Wan

'Quitting the ECHR Would Create a 'Fertile Environment' for Modern Slavery' – Byline Times

Suella Braverman this week expressed her wish for the UK to leave the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). This has been described as a political move to shore up her support among right-wing Conservative MPs, following a series of policy failures, including the evacuation of the Bibby Stockholm asylum barge after Legionella bacteria was found on board.

However, while leaving the ECHR might help Braverman’s political career, it would also put at risk what is left of the UK’s support for victi

Uxbridge care home residents paint a brighter future in the battle against dementia

Residents at an Uxbridge care home raised money to battle dementia on Saturday by generating donations from creative works made during the home’s arts and crafts sessions.

Berkley Care Group’s home Ryefield Court welcomed Hillingdon councillors, Colleen Sullivan and Wayne Bridges, and guests for a creative, colourful and tasty fundraiser for Alzheimer’s Society.

This comes following NHS figures released last week revealed that around 708,000 people over 65 are battling dementia in the UK, but

New ramen bar coming to Clapham this September

Wandsworth residents will soon be tucking into some tasty ramen, as a Japanese restaurant famed for its homemade noodles and broth, is set to open in Clapham in September.

Ramen specialist Tonkotsu is launching its 17th restaurant on Clapham High Street, bringing its signature bowls of ramen, gyoza, and its famous chicken karaage to the south west London neighbourhood for the first time.

As travellers exit Clapham Common tube station, not only will their rumbling stomachs guide them to the res

Westminster’s connections with a south Italy English school

Throughout its 50 year history, an English school in the south of Italy has welcomed Lord Mayors of Westminster and even His Majesty the King.

Lord Byron College in Bari, Puglia channels English culture to the south of Italy, and has hosted visits from four Lord Mayors of Westminster: in 1987, Kevin Garden with his wife Baroness Trixie Gardner, a life peer of the House of Lords, in 1988, Lady Elizabeth Flach with her husband Baron Flach, in 1989, Simon Mabey with his family, and in 2022 Hamza T

The brutal reality of human trafficking in the UK

*Content warning: this piece contains references to sexual assault*

Victims of modern slavery continue to be branded as criminals for “exploiting” systems in place to support them because of the rhetoric used in illegal immigration legislation.

Nevertheless, there was a 9% increase in child victims of human trafficking in 2021, according to the Office for National Statistics, while more than half of all-child modern slavery referrals are British-national children.

The generated stereotypes ca

Is the protection for human trafficking victims a ‘tick-box’ policy?

The Council of Europe’s GRETA expressed deep concern last month over the Illegal Migration Bill, detailing that it would be a step backwards in the fight against human trafficking.

Suella Braverman’s Illegal Migration Bill, currently in the report stage in the House of Commons, is a plight to “remove those who have entered or arrived in breach of immigration control” and “make provision about detention for immigration purposes”.

It also aims to “make provision” for unaccompanied children and v

It's been 2 years since my positive test, yet I'm still living with long Covid

My life has been humbled by a single word in a text message: positive.

I caught Covid-19 in October 2020 at 19 years old.

While working as a Freshers Representative for Durham University in my second year, I came down with a sore throat and persistent cough, so I took a PCR test. I was living in a seven-person student house.

This was before vaccines were rolled out, or any kind of group immunity.

At first, I naively assumed my youth would protect me from the worst of the illness. But soon, m

Is housing policy reform needed for London homelessness funding to function?

There were 162,000 homeless Londoners, including 78,000 children, in temporary accommodation over Christmas, according to London Councils, and numbers are expected to increase due to the cost-of-living strain on personal finances.

In response to London’s escalating homelessness, on the 23rd December 2022, the government announced the Homelessness Prevention Grant to provide funding of £654 million for councils to tackle the issue.

The grant was to provide temporary accommodation for families,

New Spitalfields art exhibition advocates all forms of love before Valentine’s Day

A new contemporary art exhibition is launched today in Spitalfields to promote all forms of love in the lead up to Valentine’s Day.

Two contemporary artists, Eve De Haan and Sara Pope are uniting in the exhibition Addicted to Love at Quantus Gallery.

The exhibition presents art as a form of communication to explore how technology has influenced our language and how we connect with others.

De Haan said: “When I’m creating, I’m always trying to communicate with someone, and speak to them in ord

How a history of trauma could increase the risk of Long Covid

People who have experienced multiple traumatic events are more than five times more likely to develop Long Covid, a study has found.

The study on medRxiv found that those having experienced two or more traumatic events in the past were 5.6 times more likely to manifest Long Covid, with childhood trauma indicated as potentially escalating the risk.

The European Respiratory Journal found that 42% of patients with acute Covid-19 infection were diagnosed with depression, while 96% had symptoms con

How English lessons have helped displaced Ukrainians staying in the UK

For many of the displaced Ukrainians who had to escape the conflict following Russia’s invasion in February, they spoke little English when they arrived in the UK. This naturally adds to the severe degree of anxiety they endure after leaving their homes behind amid the horrors of war. Since their arrival in the UK, charities and volunteers have been running free English lessons for displaced Ukrainians to help them feel more at home. The impact of this has been undoubtedly positive, significantl

Maria G's Fulham Riverside a delicious Italian success

Following its recent opening on Fulham Riverside in November, the Londoners decided to investigate whether the renowned Italian seafood restaurant Maria G’s was worthy of its praise.

After sampling a considerable portion of its menu, we deliberated and concluded that it definitely is.

The restaurant has all the charisma of the Italian seaside with the sophistication of high-flying London dining, bringing Chef Robin Gill’s nostalgia of working on the shores of Marina del Cantone, Italy to Fulha

Why conversations on men’s mental health during Movember must continue

As advent calendar doors are opened in tinsel-decked homes, it is important that the festivity of December does not disregard the significance of Movember, the month promoting men’s mental health.

Men are subjected to stereotypes that demand them to be ‘breadwinners’ and to ‘man up’ anytime things get tough but with the cost of living crisis amplifying financial insecurity, the conversations about men’s mental health must continue to break down this social stigma.

In a global survey by Movembe

Contemporary artist Radek Husak confronts taboos with LGBTQ+ celebrating exhibition

Polish-born artist Radek Husak has launched a new LGBTQ+ celebrating exhibition, providing a timely confrontation to the Qatar World Cup, reminding people to appreciate their bodies and express themselves.

Inspired by Andy Warhol, in particular the 1963 Double Elvis series, and the pop-art of 1960s America, Husak forces the viewer to confront the modern taboo that the male body should remain private, through illusions of movement and clashes of colour.

In 2019, Husak was selected for Photo Lon

Dementia diagnoses are not a denouement, south London support proves

A ray of hope offers a glimpse of clarity for those shrouded in the darkness of dementia, thanks to support developing in south London.

More than 55 million people live with dementia worldwide with nearly 10 million new diagnoses every year, according to the World Health Organisation, and 850,000 of those suffering are in the UK, based on NHS England statistics.

The global increase of life expectancy opened the door for dementia to situate itself as one of the most significant health issues fa

Stephen Hammond backing Rishi Sunak to replace Liz Truss

Conservative MP for Wimbledon Stephen Hammond has confirmed he is backing Rishi Sunak to be the next leader of the party and replace Liz Truss as prime minister.

In an interview with Riverside Radio’s news editor Stephen Menon today, Hammond explained his options were likely limited to Sunak, Penny Mordaunt and Boris Johnson following Truss’ resignation yesterday.

In the last election, Hammond ran the Tom Tugendhat campaign, but after Tugendhat – who is confirmed not to be running – pulled out
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